Society Uncensored 02

What is the place of disabled people in Greek society?“Society Uncensored 02” continues unfiltered, with an issue that is pressing. The episode is fully accessible and comes with Open Audio Description for visually impaired people, integrated Greek Sign Language Interpretation, and subtitles for hearing impaired people. CREDITSAn ONASSIS STEGI production in the framework of “EuropeContinue reading “Society Uncensored 02”

59 Days: Short Animation

10 – 13 SEPTEMBER 202059 DAYS, our newest short animation – documentary, is selected at COVIDaVINCI program at DaVinci International Film Festival, Los Angeles. An ultra-short, Shelter-In-Place, last-minute film program in effort to keep our Creatives creative during the pandemic. Director, Animator, Mum Zina PapadopoulouComposer, Photographer, Dad Grigoris Grigoropoulos