Eight-minute Deadline

In a virtual cut-throat world that brooks no mistakes, everyone is deadline-driven. The main character, a postman, is assigned the mission to deliver a letter on a unicycle in eight minutes. Torn between love and duty, the character lives through short-lived moments of passion, scrubbing round the rules.

Directed by Zina Papadopoulou & Petros Papadopoulos
Cast Euripides Laskaridis, Vasso Kavalieratou
Music & Sound Design Gregory Grigoropoulos
Produced by Ovalimage, Haos Film & Ekso Productions

Filme, Thessaloniki, May 2014
Filmed by Bike, Portland, Oregon, April 2014
Luxor Egyptian & European Film Festival, January 2014

Peloponnesian International Film Festival, December 2013
Beirut Greek Film Festival, November 2013

OtherMovie Lugano Film Festival, October 2013
International Cycling Film Festival, Poland, Germany, October 2013

Tirana International Film Festival, October 2013
Anim’est, Romania, October 2013
Lucca Film Festival, Italy, September 2013
Adana Goldenboll Film Festival, Turkey, September 2013

Alt Cine Action, September 2013
Animasyros, Greece, September 2013

Micro μ Festival, Greece, September 2013
Athens International Digital Film Festival, September 2013
6th International Animated Film Festival Animator, Poland, July 2013

BeFilm, New York, April 2013
Be There! Corfu Animation Festival, April 2013

The European Independent Film Festival, March 2013
8th Athens Animfest, March 2013
Boston Science Fiction Film Festival, February 2013

Velo Berlin, February 2013

Animacam, Spain, January 2013

SoundImageSound9 International Festival of New Music & Video, California, January 2013

Thess International Short Film Festival, December 2012
St. Louis International Film Festival, November 2012

SoundTrack Cologne 9.0, November 2012
UK Film Festival, November 2012
53rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival, November 2012

18th Athens International Film Festival, Greece, September 2012
35th Drama Film Festival, Greece, September 2012
WorldFilm Festival, Montreal, August 2012


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