ARTéfacts ensemble: Music for the New World

A musical experiment is born in the neighborhood of the Onassis Cultural Centre. Music for the New World takes the neighborhood and the content of Dourgouti Island Hotel project as ‘libretti’ that function as starting points and thematic core for the creation of new music compositions.

Ovalimage in collaboration with Louizos Aslanidis created the animations based on the music scores of the composers, which were projected during the concert.

K. BHTA and ARTéfacts ensemble

K. BHTA and ARTéfacts ensemble present Cohabitation at Onassis Cultural Centre. More than just a few pieces by K. BHTA arranged for acoustic instruments, this is a major retrospective of the Greek electronica pioneer’s music assembled with a completely free approach to orchestration and no compromises!
Video Projections & Animations EKSO Productions & Ovalimage